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Some problems can’t wait. When your marriage isn’t working, you want a divorce without financially damaging and emotionally draining court proceedings.  The collaborative process---one where you and your spouse and resolve all marital issues privately outside a courtroom---provides a speedier and far less expensive option.  The process may be guided by a mediator while in others each person may choose to act with and through their attorneys.  Common to both forms of collaboration is the desire and ability of each party to work in good faith toward practical solutions on the division of marital assets, support, custody, and visitation issues.  

The collaborative process ends with the same enforceable agreement a court would enter on all issues on which the parties have agreed.  Unresolved issues remain are dealt with in a family law court through motions, hearings, settlement conferences, and often trial. The court's judgment is often close to compromises previously considered by the parties.  The court proceeds slowly, even more slowly now due to the Pandemic, further delaying the ability of the parties to move on with their lives.

We at the Salick Family Law Group want to help you use the best means of ending your marriage, one that is the most practical and least costly.  Contact us today for a caring, cost-free consultation. 


Nicholas Salick, a family law and collaborative specialist

Nick is well-versed in all aspects of family law particularly the financial and custody issues that arise in divorce proceedings.  He has found that these issues are best resolved collaboratively, that is, by constructive negotiations between the parties and their attorneys in a private setting.  Where this is not possible,  his experience and talent in the courtroom where a judge, rather than you, will decide life-changing issues


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