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Some problems can’t wait. When your marriage isn’t working, you want a divorce as quickly and practically as possible. You can do this in a private setting where each spouse has the assistance of their own counsel. 

The agreement reached becomes binding after its submission to the court. 

The issues in your case, and your ability to resolve them, determines the cost of your divorce and the date of its resolution. 

By comparison, if you want a better understanding of the steps involved in a litigated divorce case in Los Angeles county, review the summary that court has on its website:

Whether you can jointly resolve all issues by collaborating or require the court to resolve disputed issues, the Salick Family law group can provide representation.

let us guide you through the path that best serves your needs. 


Nicholas A. Salick, Attorney At Law

California Collaborative Family Law is a new and more efficient process to resolve all issues when the marriage ends.  It produces the most constructive, healthy, and inexpensive results.
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